Yours & Owls Festival 2021 LINE UP IS HERE!

Posted on July 16, 2020

Sit down, get comfortable, take three deep breaths and let your mind wander from the cold doom of this 2020 winter to the warmth of the impending 2021 summer.

Picture the sand between your toes, salt-soaked air, cool ocean waves lapping on the shore, ice-cold bevs and long balmy nights. Visualize two whole days at the end of January with a crew of your nearest and dearest, letting loose at Stuart Park in Wollongong, an abundant medley of Australia and New Zealand’s finest fresh hitting the stage out of isolation just to entertain you thanks to your mates at Yours and Owls……Namaste bitches!

On a serious note re the new world order: The safety and wellbeing of our community is supreme; we will be working with local health advisors right up until gates open to ensure the festival is operating within whatever parameters are needed come Jan 2021.

Register for pre sale HERE!

Please welcome your class of 2021……. You can prep your selves before you cheque your selves by listening to the official playlist