Lewis Spears bringing the laughs with #NoSlidesSeason comedy tour – Performing Uow Unibar October 2, ANU Kambri Precinct October 25

Posted on July 24, 2019

Lewis Spears is ready for war.

His fifth tour in as many years, Lewis is back again with a brand new show full of material you probably shouldn’t laugh at but definitely will

After performing to packed comedy clubs in New York city, headlining across Australia and dominating online, Lewis is on his way to international fame and breaking ground for the next generation of Australian comics.

Spears is well known for his brilliant and divisive material, with clips of his standup raking in millions of views, previous shows selling out far in advance and his comedy special “Death Threats Don’t Scare Me” breaking world records.

Don’t miss your chance to see Lewis Spears in his element at UOW Unibar and ANU Kambri Precinct. This year he’s taking a stand.

For too long we’ve been letting things slide, from slow walkers to offended people with blogs and (if we’re being honest) America in general. 

It’s time to do something about it.

It’s time for 

Book now or miss out.

Tickets: $39.88 incl. bf – here