Posted on March 25, 2019

Sydney’s own post punk powerhouse JOHNNY HUNTER is bringing their signature live show across the east coast. Off the back of millennial anthems ‘1995’ and ‘Cult Classic’, the 5 piece are performing their latest release ‘Ashamed’, a self-loathing & all-indicting confession of the band’s own brand of hometown dysphoria.

“ASHAMED” is the latest single from live spectacle JOHNNY HUNTER that sets a new pace for their established post punk stylings. Ashamed was produced by Dylan Adams (West Thebarton, DMA’s, SKEGGS). After a fantastically received double A-side release through Break Even Recordings in 2018 which saw ‘1995’ receive instant rotation adds to FBI radio, Triple J Unearthed and Rage, The five piece have delivered again with this 2:20 knockout single. An introspective attack on the budget-grade hedonism that is known all too well amongst the punters of a dying Sydney nightlife, Ashamed is the band’s admission of guilt, as well as a barking indictment of all those around them; a top-down testimony of Sydney’s slow decay. This city that once seemed to inspire the creative endeavours of so many, is now better known for testing artist’s mettle with political curveballs and erratic legislation that rarely makes sense to anyone affected. Disgruntled but with no sense of innocence, Johnny Hunter know that they should be Ashamed.

Johnny Hunter are Nick Hutt (vocals), Ben Wilson (guitar), Xander Burgess (guitar), Nick Cerone (bass) and Gerry Thompson (drums). As offspring of the baby-boomer generation – it’s only natural that the grit and bravado of a golden era settles into the band’s foundations. Yet make no mistake, Johnny Hunter are no revival band. Glam-pop theatrics are delivered with a metallic, post-punk sheen and an unwavering gaze – taking the all-consuming, rock n roll charm of The New York Dolls, Siouxsie And The Banshees and Iggy Pop, and meshing them with The Church and Wire’s songwriting grace. Live, they expertly manifest their unhinged and youthful energy, and channel it through frontman Hutt, a mayhem managed in the shadow of a greater self-awareness. In their short-time, they’ve shared stages alongside Woodes, Joyride, City Calm Down, Press Club and Polish Club, sold out a joint-headline show at The Lansdowne with best mates Triple One, Sold out their own headline show at The Lansdowne, and have played much talked about recent sets at Yours & Owls Festival, Oxford Art Factory’s 11th Birthday and Secret Garden (in which the band famously had to stop halfway through their set due to a flaming PA speaker).

The Tour Kicks off on the 19th of April at Bad Friday, and will hit Wollongong on May 18th.

Tickets: $12.78 incl. bf – here