Posted on September 26, 2018
HOT TIP FOR A SIZZLING FESTIVAL: take good care of you and your mates this long weekend by keeping your cells hydrated! There will be free water top up stations around the festival to keep your water bottles filled, as well as our guardian ‘water angels’, so keep an eye out and get around some juicy H2O!
We’re expecting some saucy UV rays this weekend so don’t forget to SLIP on a shirt, SLOP on the SPF, SLAP on a hat, SEEK shade and SLIDE on a slick pair of jet black Oakleys to complete the lewk.
P.s. #gamechanger, WeRefill will have collapsible cups that get you unlimited chilled & sparkling water!
Huge thanks to Sydney Water for providing us all with the goods! Check out the clip below for how to use our reusable cup & drink bottle system.. #partywithapurpose